Trio Tipo: Reviews

Terry 'Music at once familiar and strangely exotic - They're easy to listen to without being easy listening.' Pulse of the Twin Cities (Read the Entire Review - PDF file)

sunshine on velvet 'Acoustic instrumentalists Trio Tipo play hushed, worldly melodies undeserving of raucous bars.' City Pages

lakeshore 'TRIO TIPO is one of the few groups I can listen to over and over again and never get tired of hearing. That Latin, Classical, Jazz rhythm sounds good any time of day. I'd book them anytime.' D. Lawrence, Coffee Grounds

'Their chemistry has been music to the ears of their audiences since their first gig in 2002.'
 The Villager (Read the Entire Review - PDF file)

Cedar Stage 'Trio Tipo is one of most innovative bands to emerge from the local music scene.'
 Cedar Cultural Center Newsletter 
(Read the Entire Review - PDF file)

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