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Here's a Quicktime excerpt from the Minnesota Television Network program T.C. Muzique (thanks!) featuring Trio Tipo. It's 12 Megabytes in size, so if you're on a slow connection, it may take a few minutes before it starts playing.

(Note:If your computer doesn't support Quicktime or the player does not show up properly on the page, you can download this larger (33 Megabyte) version of the video which is compatible with playback on portable media players! .

Online Samples

If you're having trouble imagining what Trio Tipo's music sounds like, you can find online excerpts of tracks from Trio Tipo's latest album at CD Baby and

Press Kit

A complete publicity kit is available on request, but if you can't wait for the mail to deliver one, a simplified online press kit is also available as a PDF file suitable for color printing.

Photo Gallery

To see more snapshots of the band, visit the Trio Tipo photo gallery,


If you're equipped to do so, enjoy these complete tracks from A Taste of Trio Tipo, the group's demo album. These are earlier, shorter versions of the works as presently performed. If you like what you hear, please consider ordering a CD!
Pacific Coast Highway (3:49)
©2003 Steve Haskin
arranged by Trio Tipo
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Listenin' Rain (4:45)
©2003 Steve Haskin
arranged by Trio Tipo
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